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Welterweight Supremacy December 8, 2012 - MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada

The 8 time world champion Manny Pacquiao and the slick undefeated black fighter will face each other this coming June 9, 2012 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. Pacquiao vs Marquez The match was put together after the fourth negotiation for the long awaited "superfight" between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. had failed.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Full Fight Replay

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's coach, tells the media that this fight would not be that easy for Pacquiao. He said this because most of the fans say that the undefeated Bradley is still his prime. Well, Roach doesn't believe this for Bradley still has the speed, the power, and the Pacquiao vs Marquez Live Streamingexperience necessary to make it an interesting fight. Both fighters are strong punchers and they would surely break each other inside that ring.
One interesting thing for this fight is that both fighters' style is kind of the same, both wait for their opponent to do the first move. But Pacquiao is likely to punish Bradley with his speed and power. Bradley's approach would be a strategic one. He would just wait for that opportunity and try to land a strong jab at Pacquiao.

"I know how to box. I know how to move my head and set up shots. Look at my defense and compare it to his. He (Pacquiao) is too easy to hit and can't handle when someone throws a steady jab and fights off angles," he said, "he is a great fighter, but he is not a boxer."

Pacquiao on the other had a more humble statement for Bradley for the upcoming fight. pacquiao marquez "Mabilis si Bradley. Malakas. Malaki. (He's fast, strong and big). He has the height advantage. But I've studied him thoroughly," said Pacquiao.

"I know his mindset – that it will be a great honor for him to beat Manny Pacquiao," said the Filipino champion. This would be a fight to behold. A fight worth millions of money and the decision lies on the stone hard hands of these two great fighters. "When you have two guys like that in there together, it's like a head-on collision. It's going to be one night to remember," Bradley said.

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