Form Your Company in Dubai Today

During the last couple of decades, the world has witnessed the rise of Dubai as the center of trade and business in the Middle East region. In the recent years, the city of Dubai has further gained popularity among the international companies and brands and many of them set up their business centers here. Even the global downturn a decade ago failed to completely bog down the city which has regained the confidence of its international investors and local businessmen. The industries of tourism, education, healthcare, real estate, recreation, and hospitality have thrived tremendously in the last few years. This is why many of the regional companies have turned their focus to Dubai to set up their regional units. Apart from the amazing business climate in Dubai, the foreign companies and investors have also been wooed by the numerous advantages and benefits offered the by the government. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of setting up a company in Dubai.


Dubai is located at the crossroads of East and West. This strategic location suits the foreign companies with global operations perfectly as they can create their regional base in Dubai to look after their business operations in Africa, Middle East, Australasia, Europe, South Asia, and Central Asia, etc.


The Dubai government has put into place a very attractive taxation regime which makes it easy for the entrepreneurs to establish their companies in Dubai. The companies are exempted from personal and corporate taxes while they are allowed to repatriate 100 percent profit and capital without any restriction.


The decision makers in Dubai have divided the city in different zones which has further augmented its appeal to the international top business players. As for example, the Dubai Media City is house to all the leading international media houses like BBC, Zee News, CNN, Xinhua, and many more. Moreover, the real estate companies, construction companies, and hospitality companies have also thrived in Dubai. The added competition has invited bigger players to take the challenge and Dubai has some of the biggest hotels to be found in the world.


Dubai is regarded as a jewel in the desert, which also means that it’s a first world city which is located right in the center of third world countries. This unique status makes it a great place for the foreign tourists to spend quality time with their families and friends. This has given rise to the tourism industry in the country and there are many international tourism companies operating in Dubai.


Some of the biggest American, British, Australian, and European companies have established their offices in Dubai, which in return offers them luxury and liberal business environment.