Choosing between a nursing home and home care for the elderly

If you have an elderly or disabled family member, you would obviously need to provide assistance and medical monitoring to them. At some point or the other, they would definitely need help with hygiene, personal care and other basic activities. In such a case, you might find yourself getting confused between whether you should hire a care giver in Dubai for them or should you send them to a nursing home.

If truth be told, both of these options are extremely popular amongst people who are looking for help for a loved one who has medical needs that have progressed beyond what they can manage on their own. However, things can get extremely tough when you have to choose between these two options because both of them have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

Nursing homes

A major reason why you might find nursing home a good option is because they will help your loved on socialize and take part in both structured and unstructured activities. If your family member can participate, they will be able to head out for resident council meetings and even field trips. The good thing is that they will be able to develop friendships and friendly attachments with other residents of the nursing home.Most importantly, they have a full staff dedicated to looking after the residents on a 24/7 basis. The medical needs of your loved one are guaranteed to be fulfilled at a nursing home.

In terms of the negatives, your elderly family member will not have any familiar surroundings. When transitioning to  a nursing home, they may get confused and that can depress them in the long run.

Home care

Home care nursing in Dubai is a wonderful options for people who have senior family members with medical needs. The best part about home care nursing is that it will make it possible for your loved one to stay home in surroundings that they recognize and are familiar with. They will not need to deal with strangers looking after them as they will just have to acquaint themselves with a single care giver that you hire. It will also be possible for them to keep their prized possessions with themselves and avoid having to interact with strangers. Their bond with their family and friends will remain as it is, and that is a major advantage. Also, they will not be restricted by time to meet their guests.