Time Your Dubai Tour to Perfection

Planning a foreign tour always demands extensive research and deliberation involving various factors relating to the destination. These factors include the living conditions including weather, nature, and customs of the area, the recreation destinations out there, and the affordability factor. You may also want to do enough research on the means of transportation in the area. Once you’re fully convinced about availability of all the major resources, you make up your mind to travel to a foreign tourist destination.


The only thing to ponder before you plan your trip to a place like Dubai is its harsh and extreme weather conditions. Dubai is a hot tourism destination but it literally becomes the hottest in the summers. The temperature can skyrocket up to 55 degrees Celsius and the bruising desert blows can really tamper with your skin and give you burns. However, the good news is that Dubai is well-equipped to fight the extremities of the harsh climate, especially in the summer season. All the places, and let me repeat, all the places in Dubai are studded with air-conditioning machines, which pamper people against the harsh climate of the region. This is why timing your tour to Dubai holds the key whenever you plan to visit the region with your family, kids, and friends, or even with colleagues or classmates. According to many travel bloggers, the best time to tour Dubai is from October to April when the weather becomes less hot and the mercury gets dropped down to 13 degrees Celsius. In the past many years, the city of Dubai has even witnessed snow in the winters and the showers have become a regular feature of the season.


Another reason to travel to Dubai from October to April is the list of events that the local authorities and companies have developed for the foreign tourists. A number of shopping festivals and other top entertainment and sports events are planned in Dubai during this period. The globally famous Dubai Shopping Festival is being run from December 26, 2017 to January 27, 2018 while the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships will get into the act in the last week of February till the first week of March. There are many regional awards functions scheduled in Dubai during this period. From Middle Eastern movies industries to the big Bollywood, the city of Dubai plays host to many remarkable showbiz events, which offer foreign tourists a great reason to be part of the action and extravaganza.